The sun, the moon and the owl

The shortest month of the year is behind us, but not without being the most interesting so far for 2015. With that in mind, we thought we would share some highlights with the sun, the moon, the owl and a few other tidbits thrown in for funowlcapone2.

  • The Sun: Umbrella’s are a big seller this time of year, but with the weather being so strange for the Mid-Willamette Valley who knows when the clients will get to use them. Maybe next year we should recommend sun visors.
  • The Moon: Our first board game. We helped our client make a floor sized board game with the 28 phases of the moon in February, which seems fitting for the month with 28 days.
  • Embroidery highlight of the month was not a big job, but a fun one. For those of you who know the writer of this segment, bowling is a bit of a passion, okay, she may be a bit fanatical, so imagine the joy in stitching a jacket for a client with patches upon patches of triumphs. 300 games, 700 series and even one for the 7 – 10 split. Practice makes better, right?
  • New opportunities. February we brought on Rich Talbot to represent Print Specialties in Southern Oregon. Excited to work with Rich as we expand our horizons.
  • Interns. Denis joined us in January from Chemeketa Community College, but I would be amiss not to mention his hard work and willingness to learn the trade of screen printing which hopefully will lead to bringing him on the team in the future, which leads to the next highlight.
  • Event shirts prep – the amount of calls in February for events in May, June, July and even October were staggering. It also allows us to forecast for the summer months, which we are doing. Keep the calls coming, we are ready for your project, big or small.
  • Saying no to a job. We don’t say no too often, but if it infringes on copyrights, trademarks or uses words kids look up to see if they are in the dictionary for a giggle, we pass. We passed. Which brings us too…
  • The Owl: OwlCapone. Oregon is famous and in the news for so many oddities and who knew that an attack or 2 or 4 would not only make headlines nationally, but be featured on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. The art MSNBC created for the segment went viral and they said it was downloadable, so download we did and the response has been CRAZY! Crazy and fun. With all of the less than stellar press Oregon received in February it was nice to have a diversion of fun.

Owl sidenote – one of our clients that bought and owl shirt called to share the news that her son has opted to proudly wear his new black and yellow t-shirt rather than have the artwork tattooed prominently on his body. We made a mama happy…it’s the small things that make us smile.

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