Onboarding Packages

How does your business welcome a new hire?  Will they remember their first day and orientation experience?

When thinking back to starting that new job, what stuck out that made an impression about becoming a part of your new team? Did you receive something that you appreciated and made you feel welcome? If so, make note of those things, moments and what made an impression on you.
Most remember the process of getting a workplace assigned and signing the heap of paperwork but not reading it until they had to. Name tags and business cards showed up a couple of weeks later.
Do you have one thing from the jobs you have had after leaving? A business card and sometimes a name tag ? They are reminders in a pile of keepsakes of your journey and the people & companies you have worked with over the years.
Onboarding is a big topic in the recruiting industry these days. What it comes down to is guiding your new employee to adapt to your culture and feel like they are a valued part of your team.
Print Specialties can help with making that impression memorable for your new hire with a package of welcome gifts. Items like a dress shirt in their size with your logo on it along with a polo and cap or visor to wear. A leather pad folio, a pen and USB drive with all the necessary new hire items pre-loaded. Items like a coffee and travel mug, letter opener, lunch cooler, business cards, name badge and lanyard are all available to make a difference when that valuable new hire comes aboard. If you haven’t put together an Onboarding package for your new team members, let’s connect and talk about what would work for you and your team. Remember, “It’s your name….So Wear it Out.”
If you have some memorable experiences or things that stand out, feel free to share them by commenting on this post.

2 comments on “Onboarding Packages

  1. Hi, I am a photography business owner wanting to do something different. I would love my brand logo on a few t-shirts or made onto a badge or name tag. I am just wondering how much do you charge for that type of work? Cheers

    • Hi James:

      Name badges are $18.00 if artwork is print ready. Set up for them if not adds $25 the job. Hit our quote now, order now button on the front of our website to tell us more about what you want and attach your logo artwork at the bottom of the form and we will get you firm pricing.

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